It was 1969, while producing “Inga 2”, we interviewed a young musician, Bjorn Ulvaeus, to play the lead actor in this story about a rock musician who falls in love with the heroine, Inga. Sadly, his acting talent did not equal his good looks. But all was not lost – we needed a theme song for the picture and Bjorn played us a tune which we loved.  One afternoon, he and his buddy, guitarist, Benny Anderson squeezed into a tiny voiceover studio slightly larger than a telephone booth, rented for less than $100 to record “Inga”. Although up to that time he sang all his songs in Swedish, their manager, Stig Anderson, insisted he would not manage them unless they recorded exclusively in English. We decided to buy that first English recording “as is”.  Later, their girlfriends, Agnetha and Anni-Frid sang over that initial recording adding first names to found ABBA. Even before the movie hit the theatres, that simple tract, now released as a single under the name of, “She’s My Kind of Girl” opened the door to our discovery of the legend we now know as ABBA.