After a first time luncheon with Mr. Benjamin Graham and his nephew, Richard Graham, Mr. Graham lauded Mr. Stanson’s analysis of a contemplated acquisition. This relationship lead to Mr. Stanson’s assignment as a stockbroker to confidentially handle the accounts of members of the Graham family. Mr. Graham was the author of Securities Analysis (Graham & Dodd), which, to this day is the bible of market students and investors. Another of his protégés, Warren Buffet, still quotes Mr. Graham as a mantra to successful investing.

Long after Mr. Graham passed away, Mr. Stanson continued to successfully serve a wide range of top investors such as the $800,000,000 Feshbach Short Fund, the Rockefeller family, international royalty, and many theatrical stars such as Anthony Quinn and Robin Leach. When the market crashed in 1987, Mr. Stanson, having predicted it a month previously, was interviewed by NBC.