UN Committee Chairman for Human Rights Day and the International Day of Tolerance, appointed by the “FRIENDS OF THE UN”. At a December, 2001, UN dinner event, presented A “Declaration of Human Rights and the Principals of Tolerance” document to the prestigious guests who exemplified “The Best In The Human Spirit”.

UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), Consultant, receiving a letter of gratitude from the UN Secretariat for arranging Sir Elton John’s acceptance as an Ambassador of Good Will. In addition, Stanson also arranged the star of Disney’s Lion King (young Simba) to become UNEP’s youngest Good Will Ambassador. Later, through Stanson’s friendship with Michael Jackson, introduced him to the UNAIDS Division to create a fundraiser to help millions of African AIDS sufferers.

As an Advisor to UNEP, to encourage their growing attention in the environment at that time, Mr. Stanson hosted a birthday dinner for Sir John Browne, Chairman and the entire BP Board. It included special seating at Broadway’s Lion King, a backstage tour, and an honored guest signing of Mr. Browne’s name next to that of President Clinton.